San Francisco resources

See also: SF LGBT Center Resources directory

Trauma-informed spiritual groups

SF Dharma Collective
SF Zen Center
GLIDE radically inclusive church
(there are many more)

Immersion Learning & Retreat Centers

1440 Multiversity - Santa Cruz
Esalen Institute β€” Big Sur holistic alternative retreat center
Spirit Rock β€” Marin Insight meditation center
Green Gulch Farm β€” Marin
Deer Park Monastery β€” Escondido, CA β€” Thich Nhat Hanh’s monestary in the US

HIV/AIDS Support

SF AIDS Foundation
The Shanti Project
Instituto Familiar de la Raza (Latino/Chicano AIDS Services)
Native American AIDS Project
Project Open Hands (meals & groceries for seniors)
USCF Alliance Health Project (peer support in San Francisco)

Recovery Groups

AA SF and Al-Anon
Foundations SF (queer recovery group)
Narcotics Anonymous SF
Northern California Debtors Anonymous
Trauma Recovery Center serves several specific groups: victims of violent crime and sexual assault, refugee/asylum-seeking survivors of torture or gender-based violence, and people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of trauma

San Francisco Local Meetups

Trans* & Genderqueer Mindfulness Meetup, Oakland
Pacific Center Transgender Support Group
WTF! Genderqueer Support Group
PFLAG Oakland-East Bay
TransGender SF support & social group


SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau

Gender/Sexual Health Clinics

UCSF Trans Health
Kaiser Gender Pathways Clinic
Gender Health SF (SF Dept of Health)
UCSF Child & Adolescent Gender Clinic
Dimensions Clinic (for youth ages 12-25)
SF City Clinic gives out free PrEP

LGBT Centers

SF LGBT Center
Oakland LGBTQ Center
Qulture Collective downtown Oakland cafe & safe space
LYRIC SF center & housing for queer youth
Rainbow Community Center - Contra Costa
Spectrum Marin
San Jose LGBT Community Center
Queer LifeSpace β€” Castro space for affordable mental health services and healing. Offers several support groups.
OpenHouse SF

LGBT retreats

Groundswell Community β€” Queer intentional community in Yorkville, CA
Faerie Sex Magick β€” workshops for gay men in Oregon and worldwide


Bay Area Open Minds β€” Index of gender-affirming, kink-aware, and poly friendly therapists

EMDR Therapists

Sand Chang, PhD β€” Oakland-based genderqueer EMDR therapist & psychologist
Lisette Lahana, LCSW β€” Oakland EMDR gender specialist
Heather Bradley β€” SF EMDR therapist
Julie Tapley β€” SF EMDR therapist
Jan S. Cehn β€” SF EMDR therapist

Somatic Experiencing Therapists

List of CA therapists Rita Cahn Pawan Bareja

Trauma Sensitive Yoga